• Noise assessments

  • Peer Review and local authority advice

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Festival/event noise management

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Environmental Health

  • Health Impact Assessment



Reports for planning and licensing applications

Do you have a project, development, site or event that will make or be affected by noise? We provide advice on

  • how to control the noise your business makes and maintain good relations with your neighbours,

  • how to develop noise management plans for your event

  • how to incorporate good acoustic design into your development so that existing external noise doesn't adversely affect future occupants

  • noise monitoring

  • cumulative noise assessments.

We can undertake assessments to comply with a range of standards including BS4142, ProPG Noise, BS8233 and others so if you have been asked to submit a noise report with an acronym you don't understand, give us a call and we will see if we can help!